Julianna Salon

We were excited to get to work with the Julianna Salon team. They had a more traditional branding on a slightly outdated platform that was limiting their audience and not showcasing the amazing experience (and hair!) they were providing. The challenge was to reimagine their branding elements for the website and create a unique digital experience for their clients. We integrated a seamless online booking experience so clients could see the full range of services offered and gave them the opportunity to create an appointment directly with one of Julianna's master stylists.

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The goal was to create a strong brand identity and a website that embodies their core values: Professionalism & Accountability, Team Collaboration, Career Growth & Education, and Exceptional Service.

We started by creating a digital brand core as the primary structuring of the brand strategy and building around it. The brand compass is ultimately the directional tool to connecting with your audience. The website makes it easy to connect with them intentionally through the interactive experience.

The end result is a simple, clean, and playful design that complements their unique services. The layout is organized and precise, with an emphasis on education for a trust-based connection with their potential clients.

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