April 24, 2022
30 min read

Our Top 5 Creativity Tools

Our Top 5 Creativity Tools

As content creators and designers, it can be hard to keep the creativity flowing. Using a creative software can help keep your imagination running! There is so much creative software one can use, it’s important to find some that are user-friendly and work well. Here are a few that we love using to help us stay creative and efficient.


Canva is one of the easiest content creators to use. It’s simple, direct, and has tons of templates one can choose from to get inspiration. These range from business and greeting cards, to posters, certificates, and more. We use Canva to create our social media posts, color palettes, font palettes, and client campaigns. The software allows you to upload logos, photos, font types, and more.

Canva can also connect to your social media accounts and schedule posts straight from there! Canva is a great place to resize content for various social media platforms. Canva has a built-in photo gallery full of free stock images that you can use whenever you need them.


Monday.com is a great platform to use for communicating between your team members, creating tasks, and planning client projects. You can create an internal page for your team members to find their tasks. Next, you can create an external page where your clients can see the progress you have made with their designs.

Monday.com uses a messaging system where you can leave messages for your teammates, mentioning their name and it will tag it in their notification box. You can create as many “hubs” as you want. We create one for each client, one for our own social media posts, blogs, and a task section for each employee.


Figma is a design program, similar to Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer. This software allows you to share projects across accounts so that team members can collaborate. We often use Figma to create simple website mock-ups so that our clients can tell us what they like and what they don’t. The actual website gets created through a different design software.

Occasionally we use Figma to create social media content. Because we can create a bigger frame to work within Figma than we can in Canva, sometimes we use it to design our social media grids so that they are cohesive.


Coolors is a website that helps designers create color palettes. There’s an option to explore pre-made color palettes or design your own. You can easily select a color and scroll through the various shades of that color. You can save the palettes, export them to PDFs, JPEGs, etc… It's such a useful tool for putting together various color palettes. You can also save each palette you make, in case you think you may need it again later.


Semrush is a great social media and web analytics tool. We also use it to schedule our social media posts. You can run competitors' websites through Semrush to find out more information about your industry and the audiences that visit your competitors.

It’s super helpful to look at your website analytics for several reasons. First off, you can see what types of people are visiting your website, and whether or not they fit in your target audience. If they don’t, you may need to adjust your branding a bit. You can also see what features on your website are getting the most visits, and update your website as necessary.

In Summary

Creativity doesn't have to be stressful and confusing! Finding a software that fits your business needs can help you find inspiration, better understand your audience, and increase work efficiency in the creative realm.