April 20, 2022
20 min read

Industries That Pivoted Successfully During Covid

Industries That Pivoted Successfully During Covid

The Covid shutdown in 2020 was an insane time for everyone! Markets were incredibly volatile, and people’s daily lives were turned upside down. Marketing during Covid was a whole new landscape. Unfortunately, many businesses had to shut down permanently. Others were able to adjust their marketing strategies to adapt to this world change. Let's look at a few industries that pivoted during covid to keep their business thriving.

Entertainment Industries:

When theaters were temporarily closed (or hosting very few masked customers), TV streaming platforms were thriving. Companies who relied heavily on theaters for their first releases had to shift to TV streaming platforms and hype them up.

Another entertainment industry that improvised quite successfully during the Covid pandemic was escape rooms. Instead of just closing down, they created online interactive versions of escape rooms. Some companies have even created card versions. With people having more free time but who were stuck at home, these online versions were a fantastic shift!


Restaurants were hit incredibly hard with the pandemic. Brands such as Panera Bread, Subway, Moe’s Kitchen, and more started to sell grocery items with a contactless delivery. Panera bread sold staple items such as milk, bread, yogurt, and other fresh groceries. They included take out items of their standard menu options that people could add to their produce list as well. This helped them to retain sales and manage to stay partly open during the roughest months of Covid.


Before the pandemic, a few grocery stores had incorporated an online ordering and pickup system where customers could order their grocery list online, and stay in their car in the store parking lot while a worker brought their groceries to them. However, during the pandemic many other grocery brands began doing this as well. Many also started delivering the groceries as well. Creating delivery systems helps grocery stores reach their customers who were considered high risk for Covid.

In Summary:

The world is always shifting, meaning business strategies also have to shift. If your strategies have been the same for years, your sales will likely become stagnant. Staying updated on world events and consumer behaviors help keep your business relevant and flourishing. Understanding your audience is key to finding the solution to their next problem.