August 16, 2022
3 min read

Does Your Packaging Matter? Package Design and Safety

Does Your Packaging Matter? Package Design and Safety

Have you ever ordered a product you were really excited about but remained somewhat skeptical because you’d never tried that brand before? When you finally got your package, were you instantly impressed with the brand because their packaging was so cute and easy to open? How did it affect your opinion of the brand? How did you feel when you opened the package? Did you buy from that brand again? Let’s dive deeper to see how packaging affects customer satisfaction and buying habits.

The Design

72% of Americans say their buying behaviors are influenced by packaging. One-third say they make their purchasing decisions based on packaging alone. Another 40% of consumers will post a picture of your packaging online if they thought the packaging was fun and unique (free marketing!). 61% of people who purchase luxury goods say they are more likely to purchase a product again because of gift-like packaging. They feel spoiled and treated special.

These statistics show that design makes a huge difference for the consumer experience. Look at your target audience research and find out what colors and shapes they like. Getting to know their likes and dislikes will help you create packaging that they absolutely love!

Packaging Safety

Another important component of packaging is safety. If a package comes and it’s messed up, or worse, the product is damaged, customers will be unimpressed. Not only that, their product could be unusable. This is going to cost you more money to replace their product, and you also probably won’t get great recommendations from that customer.

Packaging mishaps create doubt in consumers’ minds, and can also decrease their trust in your brand quality. The customer experience will be much more positive when your packages are shipped safely and efficiently.

In Summary

Packaging design places a huge impact on consumers’ thoughts about a brand. It influences their decisions to purchase, repeat a purchase, or recommend a product to their friends. The other reason it’s important to invest in your brand’s packaging is to keep your products safe when they are being shipped.

It’s important to take care of all the details in the buying process so that your customers have the best consumer experience with your brand. Stepping up your packaging game can help create a positive, lasting impression on your audience.